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Emergency ALERT Notification System

Keep your emergency contact information accurate through our schools to receive automatic emergency alerts. The Alert Notification System keeps you informed; anywhere.

How It Works

When deemed necessary by the Lincoln County School District, a message will be generated through the student management system. The system will automatically generate a call list. For students, the voice call will be generated to the person that the student “resides with”. The system will also contact employees if needed. All calls will be generated from the generic number 1-866-665-4384. For cellular phone users, please enter this into your contacts database. It is very important that you keep your school’s office up-to-date with a valid phone number.

Emergency Callback
In the event that you miss an issued emergency alert, you may call toll free at 1-866-665-4384 from the phone that the alert should have been received. The latest message will be replayed instantly. Please note that calling this number from any other phone that is not listed in the database will return an error.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: For all users who searched the number 1-866-665-4384 and was led to this web page, it DOES NOT mean that our district is contacting you. A company called SchoolCast provides this generic number for ALL school districts in the United States who are using the service. Unless you hear Lincoln County School District in the message, then the message is not from us. Please pay special attention to the message and search for the school or district’s name being used. You may contact the company at 1-888-988-5884.