The Superintendent’s Office

The Superintendent’s purpose is to develop and execute constructive plans, promote academic excellence, and to provide administrative support for the schools of the district. Our current Superintendent is Mr. Mickey D. Myers, since January 2016.

A welcome message from the superintendent…

Welcome to the Lincoln County School District’s web site. Our goal is to serve the people of Lincoln County by giving them the most current and up to date information. We hope the information provided on this site serves you well.

The Lincoln County Schools are recognized for their comprehensive approach to education and while emphasizing the importance of education we also recognize the importance of extra curricular activities. There is an apparent pride in each school displayed by students, teachers, administrators and school patrons. Our mission is to provide students with a quality education that reflects the needs of our community and enables each student to succeed.

Mickey D. Myers, Superintendent

Richelle Ratcliff, Asst. Superintendent
Tasha Douglas, Administrative Assistant