District Update from Superintendent 10 4 2021

LCSD Parent Updates
We have had a great first term and are excited about being able to have school and all our activities as normal as possible. You all have done a great job of working with us on our procedures and adjusting when we have an issue or occurrence. Thank you for your continued support and patience through all that we do.
Please continue to monitor your student for signs of illness. If you believe your child may have COVID they need to remain home until you receive a positive or negative confirmation. Our exposure rate (those who are not positive but were near someone who was) is still approximately 3 to 4 times higher than our positive cases.
COVID #s Update: this past week we had a total of 8 positive cases and 37 exposures for the entire district.
Weekly Avg for last 5 weeks (Aug 30th – Oct 1st)
Avg positives per week 11.4
Avg exposures per week 35.4
Last year’s test data looked great overall considering the circumstances of the last couple of years. The Mississippi Dept of Education has not given us an indication of how growth (the letter grade that schools receive) will be calculated. A student's growth is normally a large part of that calculation. The previous year no state tests were given therefore the traditional growth formula cannot be used.
ACT Announcement: Lincoln County School District is proud to announce that we have scheduled ACT testing for all 10th grade students in the district at no cost to the students. The test will be administered at school during the school day, Tuesday, October 5, 2021.
This is a great opportunity for our students who have never tested to get familiar with this type of test and set a baseline for future ACT testing. ACT is a great tool to measure how our students are progressing. ACT is used by colleges and universities to determine admissions and scholarships.
ACT can be used for:
Allow students to bypass certain courses or tests depending on your major.
Taking dual credit courses with Co-Lin (currently) must have a minimum of 17 in English to take English Composition and 19 in math to take College Algebra.
The Mississippi Department of Education has also included ACT score as a criteria for early checkout (for seniors). Currently, a student must have at least a 17 in English and 19 in Math to be eligible for early check out as a senior.
ACT is a great tool for our students, and we are excited to provide this opportunity to all our 10th graders. Please encourage your student to do their best and use this data to improve themselves before taking the test again as Juniors.
Projects on buildings and grounds around the district continue to be a priority. We will continue to sort and address needs on each campus. All projects due to the cost are subject to state procedures. As you have seen this process takes months to get approvals and actually get started. We are excited about all the plans we have in place and are looking forward to continuing growth and improvement across the district.
If you get the opportunity let our staff know how much you appreciate them. Just like with you all it has been an extremely tough process of constantly changing and altering plans, lessons, and procedures. We are blessed to have a staff that truly care and are concerned about your child.
THANK YOU! The last year and a half has been burdensome on everyone and on every aspect of our lives. Our teachers and staff continue to do their best to work with you and your student to grow as much as possible. Continue to push your student to work hard. As a district we will continue to grow and improve our classes and programs to help each student as much as possible. It truly takes a team effort if we want them to reach their highest potential.
Tuesday, 10/5 – ACT all 10th graders
Friday, 10/8 Professional Dev day – No students
Monday, 10/11 Fall Break – All offices and campuses closed
Tuesday, 10/12 Fall Break – Schools Closed (235 day employees work)
Wednesday, 10/13 – All students and staff return
Thursday, 10/14 Report Cards
Thanksgiving Break – 11/22-26 – All offices and campuses closed
David Martin, Superintendent