Message to Seniors 2020






cancel  transitive verb     1)  decide or announce that a planned event will not take place.


postpone   transitive verb   1)  cause or arrange something to take place later than originally scheduled.


Dear Seniors,


Inscribing the relatively simple vocabulary words above was not meant in any way to insult your intelligence.  This previously learned information needs to be reviewed.  Using them synonymously is inaccurate as they represent two totally different things. 


My heart breaks for each of you, individually and collectively.  While we optimistically anticipate resuming school on April 20, regardless your senior year has been abruptly halted in an unprecedented manner.  Some important events in your lives have regretfully been cancelled with no opportunity to recover them.


Only time will tell whether graduation ceremonies will be held on the date and time specified on your invitations or be postponed.  While we are forced to adhere to CDC restrictions, barring unforeseen circumstances, your commencement exercises will happen.  As decision makers we cannot allow this thirteen year journey to end without your diploma being conferred in a dignified manner. 


Most of your life when your full name was called, it conveyed that you had transgressed or violated family rules or expectations.  However, on graduation night it resonates with a pleasant tone.  This bittersweet event, marking the day childhood ends, must be celebrated.  Yes, that traditional military anthem, “Pomp and Circumstance,” will be played loudly over the public address system, and your fan club will be there en masse, as you gather with your classmates for the final time.  Save me a seat!


May God Bless,



Mickey Myers

Superintendent of Education