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Out-of-District Tuition Fee

Transfer Tuition Fees Assessed
If you wish to attend a school in Lincoln County School District, but live in another school district, a yearly tuition fee is required to help alleviate the cost of that student for the district.

Explain The Reason Behind The Tuition Fee
Wherever you live, you are required to pay an ad valorem school tax. For instance, if you live in the Brookhaven Separate School District, you are required to pay Brookhaven School District taxes. If you live in another district, Lawrence County for instance, and wish to attend Enterprise School in Lincoln County, you are still required to pay Lawrence County School District taxes, but not required to pay Lincoln County School District taxes. Lincoln County School District does not receive any portion of these tax monies and therefore will spend unallocated monies on the student that enters our district. To help alleviate the burden of non-district student costs, it is school board policy to adopt a yearly tuition fee per student for all non-district student transfers.

How Much Is The Tuition?
Tutition fees are $600 per student, per year. So, if 3 household children are attending our schools from another district, the parent/guardian is required to pay $1800 at the beginning of every school year. If the students enter the district in January of a given year, the parent/guardian will pay the pro-rated amount.

Where Do I Make Payment?
Payment of the tuition fee must be completed at the Lincoln County School District Central Office. Click Here for contact information.

When Is Payment Due?
The payment of student tuition is due by the first day of school.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: It is now school board policy that if a non-district student leaves the district, the tuition fee is non-reimbursible.