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DBabble IMessenger Overview
DBabble IMessenger is a program for quick online communication with other people. It allows you to send instant messages and files to other people. You can also enter chat rooms to talk with a group of people, where individual chat rooms can optionally be restricted to specific users. DBabble IMessenger also supports forums which are similar to Usenet (NNTP) news groups. You can use DBabble IMessenger either through a web browser or through a client for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP which is available free for download.
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  3. Help Notes from your Local System Administrator
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. About the DBabble IMessenger Windows Client
  6. Downloading and Setting up the Windows Version of DBabble IMessenger
  7. Creating and Managing your DBabble IMessenger Account
  8. Finding Users
  9. Managing your list of Contacts
  10. Instant Messages
  11. Private Conversations
  12. Chat Rooms
  13. User Groups
  14. Managing your old messages
  15. Broadcast Messages
  16. Smiley Reference
  17. Encryption
  18. Preferences in DBabble IMessenger
  19. Changes made in recent versions of the Windows client
  20. Command line instant message sending program
  21. About this DBabble IMessenger Server
  22. Server Administrator Help