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Board Policies

ABB - Board Powers and Duties
AEA - School Calendar
BA - Board Operations Goals and Objectives Mission Statement
BAAB - Non-Discrimination Policy
CA - General School Administration Goals and Objectives
CC - Organization Charts
CEB - Duties of Superintendent
CN - Administrative Records
EBBA - School Safety Plan
EDD - Student Transportation Management Scheduling and Routing
EM - Hazardous Materials
GBRC - Professional Personnel Work Load
GBRHB - Conference and Visitations
IB - Instructional Goals
IC - Curriculum Development
ICA - Curriculum Development Resources Equipment and Supplies Selection
ICFA - Textbook Policy
IDDF - Special Education Programs
IDDHB - Section 504 Procedures (Students)
ID - Instructional Program Management
IFABA - Fees, for Supplementary Materials, Supplies and Activities
IFB - Instructional Services
IFBGA - Internet and Email Safety and Acceptable Use Computer Policy
IFBGAA - Internet and Computer Safety Policy
IHA - Grading System
IHE - Promotion and Retention
IHEA - Class Ranking
IHF - Graduation Requirements
IHFC - Graduation Exercises
II - Testing Program
IIA - Testing and Student Surveys
JAA - Equal Educational Opportunities
JB - Students Complaints of Sexual Discrimination Harassment Title IX
JBA - Compulsory School Attendance School Age
JBAB - Home Schooling Transfer Student Testing
JBAC - Truancy
JBC - School Admission
JBCD - Transfers and Withdrawals of Students
JBCDA - Intradistrict Transfer Procedures
JBD - Attendance, Tardiness and Excuses
JBCCA - Assignment of Pupils
JCA - Student Conduct
JCAA - Due Process
JCB - Code of Conduct
JCBD - Vandalism Destruction of Property
JCBE - Unlawful or Violent Acts
JCBF - Reporting of Unlawful or Violent Acts
JCBH - Gun-Free Schools
JCD - Alternative School Program
JCD(1) - GED Program
JCDA - School Searches
JCDAC - Drugs and Alcohol (Possession or Reasonable Suspicion)
JCDAD - Bus Conduct
JCDAE - Weapons
JCDAE(2) - Possession of Weapons on School Property
JCDB - Dress Code for Students
JDA - Discipline Plan
JDB - Corporal Punishment
JDDA - Bullying
JDC - Detention of Students
JDD - Suspension
JDE - Expulsion
JDG - Readmission and Denial of Admission
JGC - Student Health Services
JGCD - Student Health Services -- Medicines
JGCD-R - Student Health Services Administrations - Medicines
JGCDA - Self Administration of Asthma and Anaphylaxis Medications
JGFA - School Choice for Unsafe Schools
JGFC - Dismissals
JGFF - Automobile Use
JGHR - Food Service
JKB - Solicitation by Students
JM - Contests for Students
JQAA - Special Education - Child Find
JQN - Education for Homeless Children and Youth
JR - Student Records
JRA - Student Directory Information
JS - Fee Policy
JT - Student Participation In Extracurricular Activities
KLB - Public Concerns Complaints about Facilities Services
KM - Visitors to the Schools
LB - Custodial Non-Custodial Parents Rights
LC - Parental Rights
MB - Relations With Nonpublic Schools

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