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Student Dress Code

Learning about proper dress and good grooming is an important part of one’s education. Safety, health and individual dignity provide the basis for any dress code. Parents are encouraged to help students maintain good habits of grooming and choose appropriate dress. Students are encouraged to take pride in their appearance, thus reflecting favorably on themselves and their school.

** The following is published in the district’s student handbook. Principal discretion is taken into consideration for special events. The student dress code is established for all county schools which includes West Lincoln, Enterprise, Loyd Star and Bogue Chitto attendance centers.

Students who are dressed inappropriately will be sent to the office. The inappropriate dress must be corrected before the student returns to class. All students shall follow these guidelines:

1.) All clothing or other personal articles displaying inappropriate language, inappropriate symbols or pictures; fraternity or sorority symbols; or advertising alcoholic beverages, drugs or related items are prohibited.

2.) Appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Heelys (shoes with wheels) are not allowed.

3.) Shirts and blouses must be long enough to reach below the belt line of pants or waistline of a skirt. Tank tops and other sleeveless shirts that improperly expose the body are prohibited.

4.) Any inappropriate headgear, including hats, scarves, headbands, visors, rollers and sunglasses are prohibited.

5.) Belts and suspenders must be fastened and worn properly.

6.) Dresses and skirts must be knee length or longer when sitting, standing or walking. Dresses that are excessively low in the front or back are prohibited.

7.) Pants must be worn properly. Jeans or pants with holes and sagging pants of any type are prohibited. Sweat pants or jogging pants are prohibited.

8.) Students in grades 4-12 may not wear shorts. Shorts are defined as pants that come above the knees when sitting, standing or walking.

9.) Transparent or see-through clothing is prohibited.

10.) All students must wear undergarments.

11.) Jewelry must be worn properly. Jewelry related to body piercing, except the ears, is prohibited.

12.) Tattoos, determined by the principal or his designee to be offensive, must be covered at all times.

13.) Any clothing determined by the principal, or his designee, in his/her discretion to be too tight, revealing or worn incorrectly shall be prohibited.

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