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Attendance Call Notification System

For the purpose of the statewide initiative for School Dropout Prevention and parental notification, the Lincoln County School District has activated the Attendance Call Notification System. This system will call a student’s guardian if he/she is absent for the current school day.

How Will I Know And When?
The automatic call will be generated at approximately 6:00PM CST and will be received from the phone number 1-888-988-5884. In the event that you see this phone number on your caller ID, you can be assured that the Lincoln County School District is attempting to contact you. At any time you wish to replay the auto-generated message, simply call the replay line toll-free at 1-866-665-4384 from the phone in which the message should have been received.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: For all users who searched the number 1-866-665-4384 and was led to this web page, it DOES NOT mean that our district is contacting you. A company called SchoolCast provides this generic number for ALL school districts in the United States who are using the service. Unless you hear Lincoln County School District in the message, then the message is not from us. Please pay special attention to the message and search for the school or district’s name being used. At any rate, please contact the company at 1-888-988-5884.

My Phone Number Has Changed
If you still wish to receive attendance call notifications when you change your phone number, you will need to contact your school’s office so that they can update student records. It’s vitally important to complete this so that we can remain current with emergency contacts.

District-Wide Attendance Policy & Procedures
Absences due to the following reasons and with proper documentation are considered excused:

1. Illness or injury which prevents students from being physically able to attend school.

2. Death or serious illness of a member of the immediate family.

3. Medical or dental appointment.

4. Attendance at court proceeding where child is a party to the action or under subpoena.

5. Valid educational opportunity with prior approval.

6. Any valid reason approved by the principal.

Proper documentation consists of a phone call from a parent/guardian on the day of the absence, explaining the reason for the absence, followed by a written excuse by the parent/guardian, a doctor’s statement, or an appropriate documetn related to the absence. This documentation should be presented to the office on return to school following the absence. The written excuse must contain the parent’s signature and telephone number, both home and work. Failure to provide a written excuse after returning to school will result in an unexcused absence.

No more than two absences in a nine-week period will be excused without a doctor’s excuse. Students with cronic illnesses, such as asthma, may request a special exemption. Students are allowed two parent notes being excused.

Any absence without proper documentation will be unexcused. The school is required by Mississippi Law to report to the school attendance office any student who has accumulated five (5) unexcused absences during the school year. The parents of any student who has accumulated twelve (12) unexcused absences during the school year will be summoned to appear in court.

The following rules also relate to school attendance:

1. No students can represent the school in any activity or practice on any school day unless they have been in attendance in each academic class on the day of such participation. The only exception will be for excused absences.

2. To attend any out of town school-related event, students must report to school and be dismissed from school at a time designated and prearranged by the proper school authoritiess.

3. On a normal school day students must be present 80% of the day or class period in order to be considered present.

4. In the case of excessive or questionable absences, the parent may be required to present an “Explanation of Absences” to the school board.

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