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Stadium Rules & Regulations


Recognizing The Public Address Announcer
The schools in Lincoln County School District are fortunate to have those that utilize their time for public address announcing. Whether it is softball, football, basketball or baseball, the PA Announcer provides pertinent information regarding the event during game play and emergency situations.

The Public Address Announcer, although taken for granted, has more power than event spectators actually realize. The rules & regulations that a PA Announcer provides to the venue over the microphone are automatic, legalized policies of the school’s current event, authorized by an event administrator. Such statements can be used as defense for the school in a court of law. See event rules below:

Stadium Rules & Regulations
1.) Entering the field or court without permission – Due to safety concerns of the game participants and officials, unauthorized personnel are not allowed on the field/court of the venue at any time without permission from an event administrator such as the Athletic Director or Principal. Violation of this is considered trespassing.

2.) Throwing objects onto the field or court – Throwing objects is prohibited and will cause you to be removed from the event.

3.) Drugs, alcohol and tobacco products – Any type of alcohol, tobacco or non-prescribed drug is forbidden at all Mississippi high school activities.

4.) Foul, obscene language & gestures – The use of foul language is recognized by Mississippi Law as the use of public profanity (See SEC. 97-29-47). Such actions are prohibited.

5.) Fighting, loud and obscene, Insulting or any action intended to breach the public peace of the event – Such action is disturbing the public peace and is prohibited by state law (See SEC. 97-35-15).

6.) Insulting game officials – The officials are certified by the MHSAA to officiate the game. Direct insults to the officials are prohibited and can be considered as threats made. You will be ejected from the event if such action occurs.

7.) Staying alert during emergency situations – During any type of emergency situation, follow the direct orders of the public address announcer or event administrative official.

Failure To Follow Rules – Ejection, Probation & Incarceration
The failure to follow rules & regulations in the section above and those addressed by a school official may result in spectators/participants being ejected from the event and off the school’s campus or incarceration by ocal law enforcement. Also, MHSAA probation of school interscholastic athletic competition may occur as a result from such actions, dependant upon severity.

Lincoln County School District reserves the right to ban spectators from school events if they continuously fail to follow set policies. Such requests can be made by the campus principal to the Lincoln County School Board for approval. If approved, the spectator may not attend a school-sponsored event at any school in Lincoln County School District.

When available and requested, the event may be staffed with law enforcement officers given the powers to arrest in Mississippi by legislature. This means Mississippi laws are still enforced during the event. Spectators should follow all officer commands and protocols. Those who do not follow officer commands are subject to immediate arrest.

For more information about rules and campus procedures, please contact the hosting school.