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District Employee and Student E-Mail

The Lincoln County School District provides electronic mail services to assist students and personnel in daily school activities. To login, click the button below. You will be redirected to the district’s server security prompt where you can enter your account credentials in lowercase letters.

Employee Login Information
Username: first initial, last name (jdoe)
Address: jdoe@lincoln.k12.ms.us
Student Login Information
Username: first initial, middle initial, last name
Address: jedoe@st.lincoln.k12.ms.us

 Please notice the difference between the two e-mail addresses of student and employee accounts. Make sure “st.” is utilized for student addresses or the mail message will not be delivered.

 Student accounts not logged in for more than 60 days at a time will be automatically deleted from the mail server. To reset this expiration period, simply login with your username and password within 60 days.

About District E-Mail

Your e-mail is available 24/7 on our servers via web mail by accessing this web site or alternatively at http://lincoln.k12.ms.us. Because our servers are located at the school district’s central office, we may experience power failure or internet failure at any time. We are not responsible for loss of mail due to these circumstances. Server maintenance sessions are scheduled events and notification will be made available on the district web site before maintenance takes place.

Technical Support

New Teacher/Staff Account Registration
District employees requesting a new e-mail account must contact the Technology Department. This can be done by submitting an online ticket through the Technology Incident Reporting System.

New Student Account Registration


Forgotten Password
Employees must submit a ticket to have a password reset. Students may contact their Career Center Advisor or class instructor and they may submit a ticket on behalf of the student.