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Mobile Website for Smartphones

With the advancement of today’s communication technologies, many people now carry internet-enabled cellular phones & PDA devices. Some of the most popular in the United States consists of the RIM BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone. With this in mind, we have deployed a mobile-sized version of our school district web site, providing essential information for your everyday school district needs.

Lincoln County School District’s mobile web site allows students, parents, community members and key personnel the capabilities of staying updated with our district news and information whether at work or on the road.

Did You Know? With the launch of the new district web site in March of 2009, Lincoln County School District became the first district in the state of Mississippi to provide this type of turnkey solution for cellular internet-enabled phones with real-time news and information.

 Accessing The Mobile Site From Your Phone

To access the mobile site, simply navigate on your phone to the school district’s web site address at http://www.lcsd.k12.ms.us (see below) and you will automatically redirect to the district’s mobile web site. You may also go to google.com and search for Lincoln County School District, MS. Give it a try!

 If your internet-enabled phone does not detect the mobile web site, direct access to our mobile site can be reached by entering http://mobile.lcsd.k12.ms.us into the mobile browser interface. From there, you may save the site to your list of favorites.

Here are a few of the features offered on the mobile web site:

  • Emergency alerts & bulletins are available on the mobile site when posted to the school district’s main homepage and school web sites (refresh the mobile browser for latest updates).
  • Keep up and read the district’s news & archives, just as it is seen on the desktop version of the school district’s homepage.
  • Get directory contact information.
  • School supply lists for all district schools can be viewed instantly.
  • View sports tournament & playoff updates in Lincoln County School District, when available.
  • Access the school’s daily announcements and find out what’s happening on campus.
  • View up to 100 events in a single listing, derived from the District Calendar of Events.
  • Supports many types of smartphone device models of RIM BlackBerry and Apple iPhone.