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DBabble IMessenger Network

DBabble, an instant messenger system, allows teachers and employees district-wide to communicate easily at the touch of a few buttons. All schools are connected to one system, which allows messages to be seamlessly delivered to one or multiple recipients instantly either via server, e-mail or cellular wireless devices.

Operating DBabble On The Road

Gain access to the DBabble IMessenger server’s online internet portal, where you can manage your messages and contacts; whether in your hotel room, at a conference with a WiFi hotspot, at home or on vacation. Login with your district eWorld Net Login account.

Online System Requirements include a standard internet browser, a minimum of 28Kbps internet connection, and Javascript enabled. Make sure that you turn off all pop-up blockers

Operating DBabble From Home

If you will be using the DBabble system quite regularly at home, it is best that you download and install the DBabble client, which is the software used on teacher computers in the school district. If not, you still have the option of using the online version at any time.

Disclaimer: Download and install the client application at your own risk. Lincoln County School District is not responsible for damages caused to your personal equipment due to improper installation. No warranty expressed or implied.

Installation Instructions For DBabble Client

1. Verify that you are running a Microsoft Windows operating system and have an internet connection of at least 28Kbps (most dial-up ranges from 28K to 56Kbps).

2. Download DBabble IMessenger Client V2.9e (1.7MB) and choose “Run”.

3. When the installation screen appears, click “Install”.

4. After installation, a login box will appear where you can enter your eWorld username & password. The login box will appear similar to the screenshot as shown below: