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World School Milk Day Celebrated At Enterprise

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ENTEPRISE – School students world-wide celebrated World School Milk Day on Wednesday, September 26th 2012. Whether it was visiting dairy farms or eating dairy desserts, students world-wide got a glimpse of what World School Milk Day was all about.

What is World School Milk Day?

The event is celebrated on the last Wednesday in September of each year. World School Milk Day recognizes the need for a healthy milk diet and highlights the process of how it produced. World School Milk Day was first celebrated in the year 2000. Today, over 40 countries around the world celebrate this event and this year was the 13th annual.

See SUDIA web site (Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc.) – This web site provides a wealth of information about the dairy industry and World School Milk Day.

Elementary students at Enterprise Attendance Center got the chance to meet a 7-day old calf named “Tippy” from Ard’s Dairy Farm in Ruth, MS. Tippy came to the school by way of her owner, Mr. Pat Ard. “She’ll weigh about 1,200 pounds when she reaches 2 years old and will also start milking at that age”, he said.

GOT MILK? Here are some other cool dairy facts (Green Meadow Farms):

  1. Vanilla is America’s favorite ice cream flavor.
  2. The average cow produces enough milk each day to fill six one-gallon jugs, about 55 pounds of milk.
  3. The natural yellow color of butter comes mainly from the bets-carotene found in the grass cows eat.
  4. The average cow drinks from 30 – 50 gallons of water each day – about a bathtub’s worth.
  5. It takes 12 pounds of whole milk to make one gallon of ice cream.
  6. The oldest cow ever recorded was a cow named “Big Bertha”, she died 3 months short of her 49th birthday on New Year’s Eve, 1993.  She also holds the record for lifetime breeding as she produced 39 calves.
  7. A cow has to be a mom before she will produce milk.
  8. It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs, because a cow’s knees can’t bend properly to walk back down.

PHOTO (above): Mrs. Mollie Goldman’s class, Intro to Agricultural Science, gathered around the cage that contained Tippy, the 7-day old calf.

PHOTO (above): Students of Intro to Agricultural Sciences class constructed and welded a cow for the school’s art contest. They received first place in their division. They are joined by instructor, Mrs. Mollie Goldman (left) and the owner of Ard’s Dairy Farm, Mr. Pat Ard (right). Students included L-R Front row- Courtney King, Tabitha Cline, Megan Rippy, Kristin Jergins; Back row – Cole Davis, Michael Scott (hidden), Trey John Whitaker, Austin Fuller, Landon Parsons, Lane Boyd, Dale Howard, and Wyatt Price.

PHOTO (Above) by Mandy Bayless: Enterprise Attendance Center cafeteria staff dressed up to represent School Milk Day. Those included were: Christi Givens, Karen Holmes, Sue Leggett, Kelsey Smith, Wanda Carraway, Bridget Brown, Carla Johnson, Bernice Eley, and Cassandra Martin.

PHOTO (above): Students participated in the school-wide Dairy Art Contest. Crafts ranged from painted canvases to crafts made from milk jugs. Winners for each division were:

First Place- Trey Rayborn, and Ms. Mollie Goldman’s 3 period Intro to Ag Class; Second Place – Victoria Greene, Lizzie Boyte, Kristin Lambert, Cody Weeks, Dezirae Katt, and Victoria Anderson; Third Place – Chase White, Jamie McDavid, Nick Marshall, Austin Hemphill.

Photos provided by Patrick Brown and Mandy Bayless

Enterprise To Celebrate Homecoming 2012

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ENTERPRISE – Enterprise Attendance Center will celebrate its 2012 homecoming festivities during the week of October 1st – 5th, 2012.

Spirit Week Schedule

Monday – College Day

Tuesday – Super Hero Day

Wednesday – Twin Day

Thursday – Rockstar Day

Friday – Spirit/Camo Day

Homecoming Day Activities (October 5th)

1:00 pm – Students will be released from school.

4pm-6pm: Alumni reception to be held in the school library, honoring the classes of “2”.

6:00 pm – Presentation of the Homecoming Court

7:00 pm – Football game : Enterprise vs Amite County.

PHOTO: 2012 Homecoming Court (From left to right; front to back) – Hayden Skates – Homecoming Queen Attendant, Elizabeth Campbell – Homecoming Queen, Karlee Abrams – Homecoming Attendant, Karlianna Brumfield – Miss EHS Attendant, Caroleah Brister – Miss EHS, Matthew Greer – Mr EHS, Jerrod Nations – Miss EHS Attendant, Dusi Rawls – High School Football Maid, Nicole Rutland – Sophomore Grade Maid, Kristen Lambert – Junior Maid, Skye Pruden – Senior Maid, Carley Price – Senior Maid, Veonka Sanders – Senior Maid, Tiffany Busby – Senior Maid, Kristen Jergins – Junior Maid, Sara Dunaway – Sophomore Maid, Summer Hogan – Jr High Football Maid, Carly Polk – Seventh Grade Maid, Vanessa Reed – Eighth Grade Maid, Rainee Luper – Freshman Maid, Dezirae Katt – Freshman Maid, Courtney Greer – Eighth Grade Maid, Kelly Jo Kyzar – Seventh Grade Maid.

Sign Up To School Updates Via E-Mail

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DISTRICT – For those using the traditional methods of message delivery, e-mail, we have a way for you to keep up with what’s going on at your school. All you need to do is enter your e-mail address into the subscription page and begin receiving updates at the next interval.

Each e-mail service is administered by specific school teachers and staff members. They provide you with a touch of service that represents their school.

Signing up is easy, simply click here for those viewing this article on the desktop computer and scroll down until you see E-Mail Updates (For smartphone users, click here).

When you enter your address, you’ll automatically receive a confirmation e-mail message. You will need to check your e-mail account for this message. It contains a hyperlink that you must click in order to activate your subscription. Once this is done, you will receive another e-mail message welcoming you to the new service.

2012 Brookhaven Slow Pitch Softball Tournament

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The following is the pool format and schedule for the Brookhaven Slow Pitch Softball Tournament to be held Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at the Brookhaven Sports Complex.

Pool Format

Field 2 – Pool 1
Warren Central
North Pike

Field 3 – Pool2
West Lincoln
South Pike

Field 4 – Pool 3
Bogue Chitto
Franklin Co.
Lawrence Co.

Pool Schedule

9:00am: Brookhaven vs Wesson, West Lincoln vs South Pike, Bogue Chitto vs Franklin County.

10:15am: Warren Central vs North Pike, Forest vs Seminary, Pearl vs Lawrence County.

11:30am: Wesson vs North Pike, South Pike vs Seminary, Franklin County vs Lawrence County.

12:45pm: Brookhaven vs Warren Central, West Lincoln vs Forest, Bogue Chitto vs Pearl.

2:00pm: Wesson vs Warren Central, South Pike vs Forest, Franklin County vs Pearl.

3:15pm: Brookhaven vs North Pike, West Lincoln vs Seminary, Bogue Chitto vs Lawrence County.

* Ten run rule after 5, 15 after 3
*Ten in line-ups 15 minutes prior to game
*Coin toss determines home team
*One hour ten minute time limit
*No on field warm-up after 1st game
*Provide own game balls

HURRICANE ISAAC: Make-Up Days Announced

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DISTRICT – (Updated September 18, 2012) We understand the necessity of knowing the make-up days resulting from Hurricane Isaac. Many of you have planned vacation to take place during our upcoming Fall Break. Here’s the final update regarding the situation.

On Friday, September 14th 2012, the State Board of Education made the decision NOT to waive the days missed by school districts due to Hurricane Isaac. Therefore, make-up days were to be assigned by the district office. The following are the make-up days for teachers and students:

Make-Up Day 1: Wednesday, October 10th is a scheduled make-up day on the Academic Calendar. All schools in Lincoln County School District (West Lincoln, Enterprise, Loyd Star, and Bogue Chitto) will be open on this day. Schools will close October 11th and 12th for Fall Break.

Make-Up Day 2: Monday, November 19th is a scheduled make-up day on the Academic Calendar. All schools in Lincoln County School District (West Lincoln, Enterprise, Loyd Star, and Bogue Chitto) will be open on this day.

Make-Up Day 3: Tuesday, November 20th is not listed as a scheduled make-up day on the Academic Calendar, but in order to preserve our Spring make-up days for any other possible unexpected weather events, the administration and school board has decided to make November 20th a scheduled make-up day. All schools in Lincoln County School District (West Lincoln, Enterprise, Loyd Star, and Bogue Chitto) will be open on this day.

ACT Program To Require Photo For Registration

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DISTRICT – The American College Testing Program will now require a profile photo for every student being tested, beginning with the October 2012 test. This photo must be submitted during the registration period. The following is quoted from the web site.

“If you register for the October 2012 national test date, or a later test date, you are required to submit a photo of yourself for identification purposes. The photo will be printed on your ticket and on the score report ACT sends to your high school. Your photo will be valid for two years from the date it is added to your ACT record.

The photo must meet the following requirements:

•Your photo must be a clear image of you—and only you—against a plain background.

•You must be facing the camera.

•You cannot wear dark glasses.

•If you wear a head covering daily for religious reasons, adjust it to provide a full-face view.

Your photo must be added by the Photo Upload Deadline for your test date. The test dates and deadlines are listed below (see web site). If you miss the deadline, your registration will be canceled and you will NOT be admitted to test. You will then need to request a test date change and pay the fee for the test date change.” says the ACT web site.

Click here to see the photo upload requirements section of the ACT Student web site to seek ways to submit your photo and what type of photo is acceptable.

West Lincoln To Celebrate Homecoming 2012

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WEST LINCOLN – Students, faculty, staff of West Lincoln Attendance Center will celebrate their homecoming festivities during the week of September 17th-21st. This year’s theme is “Game On”, featuring a homecoming shirt with popular board games.

Homecoming Spirit Week

**Please remember that students must follow dress code policy as outlined in the student handbook.

Monday, September 17th – Bingo Champs Day (Dress like a senior citizen)

Tuesday, September 18th – Game Character/Celebrity Day

Wednesday, September 19th – Occupation Day (Dress as your favorite or future occupation)

Thursday, September 20th – Homecoming T-Shirt Day

Friday, September 21st – Spirit Day

Alumni Reception (Friday)

The alumnus of West Lincoln’s classes of 1942, 1952, 1962, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, and 2012 will have a reception Friday evening from 5:00pm-7:00pm in the High School Building.

Homecoming Court & Football Game (Friday)

The football game will begin at 7:30pm versus Mt. Herman.

The homecoming court will be presented at half-time of the football game.

West Lincoln Becomes National Blue Ribbon School

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WEST LINCOLN – The United States Department of Education has released the 2012 winners of the National Blue Ribbon School Program. With its mission to recognize distinguished schools across America, West Lincoln Attendance Center will be permanently placed on the growing list of schools.

On September 7th, West Lincoln became one of three total schools througout Mississippi to receive the award. Other schools included Pass Christian Middle School and Saucier Elementary School.

Official list of 2012 Blue Ribbon Schools by the US Dept of Education – Click Here

The National Blue Ribbon is awarded, based on certain criteria such as state testing scores, graduation rates, attendance, future goals of the school, curriculum, ACT and more. West Lincoln has been recognized as a High Performing school for several years in the past.

Jason Case, principal of West Lincoln, gave these words to notify the teachers and staff members of their achievement status:

“I would like to congratulate all of you for all the hard work you have done to make West Lincoln a Blue Ribbon School! We were chosen as one of the three Mississippi schools by the U.S. Department of Education this morning in Virginia. It’s a great honor, and you have much to be proud of! There is something special about team work! Keep up the hard work “one step at a time”. Thanks again for focusing on instructing our students so they can be the best they can be.”

A recognition program will follow in coming days. The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program should not be confused with private entities bearing a similar name. The official name is “National Blue Ribbon Schools Program” by the United States Department of Education.

Bogue Chitto To Celebrate Homecoming 2012

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BOGUE CHITTO – September 4th through the 7th has been set aside as homecoming week for Bogue Chitto Attendance Center. The chosen theme for this year is “A Bobcat’s Life for Me!” Bogue Chitto Bobcats will face off against the Mount Olive Pirates at Friday night’s game.

Spirit Days
**School dress code must be followed**

Tuesday: Camo Day and/or Twin Day

Wednesday: Duct Tape Day and/or Nerd Day and/or Jersey Day

Thursday: Blue and Gold day

Friday: Homecoming Shirt Day (we have taken over the Pirates a few hours early. Don’t forget your eye patches and bling bling to add to your homecoming shirt).

Schedule of Events
Wednesday, September 5th
Homecoming Court Rehearsal during 3rd period.

Friday, September 7th
Pep Rally
Student Council will help clean and decorate on the football field.

1:00pm – School is dismissed
5:45pm – Dress in Coach Leggett’s/Mrs. Moak’s room.
6:00pm – Homecoming court pictures in Mrs. Yarborough’s room
6:30pm – Group picture.

After pictures, girls will go to the reception where refreshments will be served and also have the opportunity to meet the classes from previous years.

Reunion Information
The homecoming reception for the classes of 1932, 1942, 1952, 1962, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002 and 2012 will begin at 5:00pm and will last until 7:00pm in the school cafeteria.

Football Game & Homecoming Court
7:30pm – Homecoming Court will be seated in the area designated for them.
7:30pm – Football Game: Bogue Chitto vs. Mount Olive. The court will be presented at half-time of the football game.

For more information, contact Christi Terrell.